Kanzleiteam Taxcoach Süd

Our philosophy – from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can create a change in our society. People, who make an effort, who contribute, who want to make a difference. We are here for them and for their enterprises, whether they are individual companies, family-run businesses, a medium-sized industry, NGOs or freelancers.

With a team of handpicked and highly qualified employees in the areas of accounting, payroll accounting and tax consulting, we provide a personal and analogue support, even in digital times. The people in our society, who inspire and drive others can count on us as a strong, highly competent and reliable partner with two decades of experience of entrepreneurial and corporate support.

Performing the highest standards of our consulting quality, relying on trusted relationships and focussing on personal service are forming the DNA of our company. To achieve this, we do much more than to just offer you a cup of coffee!

When working as consultants, we see ourselves as companions of entrepreneurs and companies. The tasks are, in their essence, always the same: to listen attentively, to ask the right questions, to gain understanding and to think it all through so that we can ultimately develop individual, tailor made solutions.The result is a transparent and crystal-clear overview of figures and their impact. This creates security and the foundation for powerful business decisions!

Our office family

Our true, consistent, analog values in a digital age


Mag. Michael Brookhouse-Pasterniak

  • Founder and partner of TAXCOACH SÜD
  • Troubleshooter / Tax consultant / Auditor

Two intense decades of experience in a national and international environment built the foundation  of a comprehensive knowledge to professionally accompany our entrepreneurs.


Birgit Krejci

  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Working with us since 1998

Organizes herself and our clients courteously and perfect – numbers are always on point

Birgit Frank

  • Secretary’s office / Organization / Bookkeeping
  • In the company since 1997

Our photographic memory and charming reception – pure joy


Gerlinde Liebhart

  • Bookkeeping / Accounting / Reporting
  • In our team since 1994

Exact figures, accurate reports – creates clear foundations for decisions – always with a smile on her face


Cordula Wlcek

  • Bookkeeping
  • Member of our team since 2007

Does the bookkeeping impeccably fast and is always very charming


Elisabeth Lütge

  • Bookkeeping / Taxes
  • Team member since 2020

Lifts everywhere and that lovingly and competently


Simone Kirchmayer, BSc

  • Accounting / Taxes
  • In the company since 2020

Our appealing contact point for ‘digital’ and ‘client pool’


Helga Pfundner

  • Accounting / Taxes / IT- accountant
  • Working in our firm since 2011

100% accurate financial statements due to two full decades of experience in this field, as well as a high IT knowledge and a cheerful mind


Valentina Todorovic

  • Bookkeeping
  • Firm member since 2019

Does the bookkeeping and digitalizes in a quiet, prudent and adorable way


Elisabeth Dornhofer

  • Payroll accounting / Labour and Social insurance Law
  • Working in our team since 2018

Indispensably sunny disposition and very competent – no surprise with these genes


Silvia Kollarits

  • Payroll accounting / Labour and Social insurance Law
  • In the company since 1997

Calm and courteous with decades of experience


Dragana Subotic

  • Cleaning
  • Member of the team since 2016

Ensures that the team and our clients feel completely comfortable


Karl Schubert

  • Technical department / IT
  • Team member since 2019

Our man for all sort of tasks: dirty, fine, or special


Edith Dornhofer

  • Senior Manager and tax consultant retd.
  • More than four decades full of charming and professional experience

Supports us with comfort and advice even during her well-deserved retirement


Leopold Dornhofer

  • Senior Manager and payroll oracle a.D.

Even in his well-deserved retirement, he shares knowledge and experience.


Iris Brookhouse, MBA

  • Founder and partner of TAXCOACH SÜD, Office Leader

The one person working in the background, who keeps things together and guarantees a smooth process

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